Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams evaluate the health of the eyes, how well they work as a team, peripheral vision, visual acuity, determine the glasses prescription that maximizes vision, and in some instances color vision.

Lenses and Frames

Lenses and frames start as low as $59.20 and $19.50 respectively. Our eyecare layaway plan starts at $12 per month, and saves 30%.

Contact Lenses

We carry all the major contact lens brands. Dr. Felker’s specialty is soft contacts that correct astigmatism. Fitting fees run from $118 to $138 with trial lenses included. Most lenses come in boxes of six or twelve, and start at $45.00 per box.

Ocular Disease & Injury

Dr. Felker is board certified to diagnose ocular disease with emphasis on glaucoma. Many diseases can be treated in office. He works with a network of specialists to manage more difficult cases.

Visual Therapy

Visual therapy is the practice of improving visual acuity and performance using glasses, contact lenses, and exercises the patient can do at home to improve eye tracking, focus, reading comprehension, and eye teamwork.

Low Vision

Dr. Felker has been trained in low vision techniques, and has devices in stock to maximize compromised visual acuity.

Post-Operative Care

Dr.Felker provides post-op care for cataract, lasik, PRK, glaucoma, corneal transplants, and eye muscle surgery–saving patients time and money by not having to travel long distances to see their surgeon for followup.