August Giveaway

During the month of August, Heartland Eyecare will be giving away a pair of Minishades, polarized sunglasses for toddlers or kids.  Minishades are available for ages 0-3 and ages 3-7+ and provide 100% UV protection.  They are made of a flexible rubber material that can withstand the roughest Heartland Eyecare kids.

To enter the giveaway, visit and enter “August Giveaway” in the message box on the contact page.  Make sure to include your name and email address on the contact form.

May Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston May giveaway is Susy Dugan!  Susy will receive a pair of Vistana fitover sunglasses–perfect for these bright summer days.

We carry Vistana fitover sunglasses in a variety of sizes and colors, so stop by Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston to buy a pair for yourself.


May Giveaway

You don’t have to be a hot chick in a Subaru to wear Vistana fit-over sunglasses. Enter the Heartland Eyecare-Sikeston May giveaway, and win your own pair. They’re perfect for leaving in you car to quickly put over you prescription glasses when the sun pops out.

To enter, visit the Contact page and enter your name, email, and “Vistana” in the message box.


March Giveaway Winner

Chris Dugan was the winner of the Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston March giveaway.  He’s looking good in his Wiley X sunglasses!

Check our website for the latest in eye care and eyewear, and to register for our next giveaway.

Network 573

Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston would like to announce the newest member of Network 573, our local network of small business you can trust to deliver the goods. If you find yourself in Bollinger County, Missouri early on a Sunday morning, whether it be due to a camping, hiking, or just staying out too late, and need a little shot of religion, stop by the Glen Allen Methodist Church at the junction of Route ZZ and County Road 804. Reverend Kim and the congregation will welcome you with open arms, and you just might hear the song Roundabout’ by Yes. Tell ‘em Robert sent you!

Spruce Up Your Man for Spring!

Spring is just days away.  Enter our giveaway for the month of March and win this pair of Wiley X Airrage sunglasses–prescription quality lenses and military grade frames.

To enter just go to, click on contact, enter you email address, and put “3-18” in the message box.  Or, send an email to with “3-18” in the subject line.

Enter today and make your man look good!

February Winner

We have a winner!

Geri Beussink was the winner of the Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston February giveaway.  Geri won a  ReadeREST magnetic eyeglass holder.

“I love it!” Geri said when she received her prize.  “I can use it to hold my earbud wires, woohoo!”

Watch for the next Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston drawing in March.

Tune-up Tuesdays

Are you frustrated because your glasses don’t fit like they used to?  Are they crooked and/or missing screws?

Heartland Eyecare is offering FREE professional adjustments any Tuesday from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.!

No appointment necessary.  You can find us at 808 East Wakefield Avenue in Sikeston.