December Giveaway

During the month of December, Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston is accepting entries for a complete toric soft contact lens giveway!  This giveway includes an eye exam, trial contacts, fitting fee, and one year supply of lenses and is valued at as much as $800!

Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism.  If you have blurry vision at far and near, halos, or ghost images around objects, astigmatism may be a factor.

If you have astigmatism and wear contact lenses or would like to give them a try, enter the December giveway by visiting  On the Contact page, enter your name and email and type “Toric” in the message box.

Network 573

Dr. Felker and the Heartland Eyecare Sikeston team have established a network of small businesses that patients can count on for excellent personalized service and products–businesses such as Cape Girardeau Honda, EV Motorverks, and Beussink Brothers Cabinets. We call it Network 573, and we’d like to add a new business to the network–Whitaker Hardware in Chaffee Mo.

October giveaway!

Our gift to the lucky winner this month is a $100 give certificate that can be used until the end of the year for: eye care, eye wear, contact lenses, sunglasses, or accessories. To enter, just go to, navigate to the Contact page, type in your email address, and put 10-17 in the comment box. Someone’s gonna win, might as well be you!

Since we’re getting a late start, the giveaway will be extended through the end of November.

September Prize

September is back to school month! Heartland Eyecare – Sikeston will award a Thalia Danza frame to a lucky young woman. Just click on the contact button on our webpage, type in your email address, and enter ‘917 Prize’ in the message box. The winner will be announced on September 29, 2017. Emails will only be used to contact patients and will not be sold or shared with anyone. We only have one of these lovely frames left in stock. Substitutions are not permitted.

Welcome to Heartland Eyecare, Sikeston!

There are several Heartland Eyecare locations in the Midwest. This is the Website for the Sikeston location owned and operated by Dr. Robert Felker. is cumbersome to type in every time you want to access the website, but you can bookmark the page to expedite the process. Call Dr. Felker or Ronda at 573 472-2900 if you need help bookmarking, and they’ll talk you through it.

Watch for daily blogs, and prizes to be awarded!

We look forward to hearing from you.